Buying a gaming monitor can be very exciting for a gaming enthusiast who lives in the virtual world most of his/ her day. The graphics these days allow you to forget the reality and move into the virtual world and experience it a different level. Not to forget the virtual reality headsets that take the entire experience a notch higher. You are made to forget everything around you and all you can see is the virtual world and your hand and head movements are recorded and mimicked QHD gaming displays to give you a holistic experience.

Gaming Monitors

When VR sets are becoming famous, why go for a gaming monitor? Well, not all games are designed for a VR headset. Some games still have to be played on the plain old monitor of that computer of yours. However, you can enhance the experience by going in for a superior screen, which is specifically designed for gaming. These screens have higher resolution, faster FPS and are much bigger in size than the regular monitors.

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Buying a gaming monitor can be quite challenging due to the variety available out there. The resolution is one of the most important factors to be considered in gaming monitors. The monitors in the market are represented by this number, hence knowing more about this will help you choose better.

Different resolutions give different experiences. The resolutions are always denoted in a number format – 60Hz, 120Hz, etc. The resolution number is the number of images that are seen per second. Hence higher that number, higher is the number of images you see in a single second. When this is high, the rate at which the images are refreshed is faster, thus giving you a smooth output. You get to see the images without any pixelation or distortion due to a mismatch in the speed between the graphics of the game and the refreshing speed of your monitor.…