Our own private world, our house, our wishes and our decisions; these were my expectations when I flew to join my husband just a couple of days after marriage. He was a very busy professional but still managed to spend quality family time with me. The boat was sailing on a bit Rough Ocean but was smooth enough to be happy.

The new joiner to the boat

We were overjoyed at the good news of the arrival of the new member after nine months. A couple of months into motherhood, I realized the loneliness my husband was struggling with while I was struggling to pacify our baby.

Earlier, I used to accompany him to the dining table for his breakfast, wave him bye while he left for the office, wait for him at the door in the evening when he returns, serve him minute by minute when he was down with an infection and so on. The extent of his solitude was even more disheartening when he had to sleep in a different room so that he can get up early morning to be on time at his office. Our baby was nocturnal.

A glimpse of him having his food in silence with a bowed head and watching us painfully while we were busy with each other in our room at night made me search for ways to reduce his depression and redirect his negative emotions.

The solution was the creation of intimacy and companionship and the medium was a sex toy. Shopping outside with the baby was impossible for me and so I took time to explore the online sites, finally hitting the page https://loveplugs.co/collections/butt-plugs. The creativity and variety available in this section of toys gave me some relief and confidence that I can help my husband and the three of us in turn.

To give the sex toy some life, I went for character-based plugs such as the animal tailed ones. I knew my husband endured the strength and swiftness of a horse and his preference for curly hairs. So, I grabbed a horse-tailed, beautifully-made butt plug and I should say the idea worked for us during that emotionally draining temporary phase.…